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Trick or Treat Yourself

This Halloween, Coca-Cola® filled trick-or-treaters bags with digital and physical treats found in select vending machines on the USC campus.

AR masks, Coachella passes, PUMA apparel, and more—treats were revealed and able to be claimed up to Halloween night. We hope you had a happy haunting!


Coca-Cola’s Halloween Collection is a “phygital” experience inspired by the Real Magic found in trick-or-treating with friends. At five select Coca-Cola® vending machines located on the University of Southern California campus, trick-or-treaters got digital bags and filled them with “treats” from each of the five vending machines each day from October 25 – October 27. From October 28 to the end of Halloween night, participants can open their bags to reveal and claim the treats they received — including digital AR masks, digital collectibles, physical PUMA apparel and Coachella 2023 passes for you and a friend. See the Official Rules for all details.

Starting at 00:00 PT October 28th, click “REVEAL TREATS.” Follow the steps to log in, empty your bag, and reveal and claim each of your treats. To receive your prizes, you must follow these steps before October 31st ends.

Treats include Coachella passes for you and a friend, PUMA x Coca-Cola® apparel, Halloween AR masks, and pumpkin digital collectibles and crystal ball digital collectibles from The Coca-Cola Halloween Collection.

After revealing your passes, you’ll be prompted to claim them by first filling out a form with your contact information. Make sure that information is successfully submitted. Then, within 7 days, you will receive an email and be required to complete additional documentation from our Prize Administrator. If you are confirmed, you can expect to receive wristbands by mail in early April 2023 for use at the festival on April 21-23, 2023.

After revealing your apparel, you’ll be prompted to claim it by filling out a form with your contact information. Make sure that information is successfully submitted as this will allow us to confirm you are eligible. You will receive the prize by mail within 8-10 weeks.

After revealing your mask, you’ll be prompted to claim it which will give you its Snap code for mobile and desktop use. For desktop, click here to download Snap camera, add your AR mask, and activate it across platforms such as Snapchat, Google Meet, Twitch, etc.

After revealing your digital collectibles, you’ll be prompted to claim. In order to claim a digital collectible, you will need to have or create a digital wallet. Follow the simple steps in the pop-up to create or connect. You’ll then be directed to mint your collectible which may take up to 45 minutes. After it’s been minted, you can view it on OpenSea as part of The Coca-Cola Halloween Collection.

A digital collectible is a unique digital asset, ownership of which is recorded on a blockchain. Ownership of a digital collectible is easily verifiable due to its public listing. The owner of a digital collectible stores it in their digital wallet.

A digital wallet is a piece of software that enables you to transfer and store your digital collectibles on the blockchain. You connect your digital wallet to digital collectible marketplaces by inputting your wallet’s public address, much like a home address is used to send you mail.

A digital collectible marketplace allows collectors to trade with others. The Coca-Cola® digital collectibles can be traded on most marketplaces.